TULIPSRenowned for innovation and style, 
Special Occasions WA have styled some of Western Australia’s most prestigious events and weddings.

With many years of experience in events management, Special Occasions WA have earned international recognition and acclaim.

Whether it be an intimate wedding, a lavish wedding, a corporate soiree or an international product launch, we will ensure your wedding or event is synonymous with elegance and style, providing tailor made designs, unique to individual tastes and requirements.

At Special Occasions WA we have a deep appreciation for the amount of time, thought and money that is invested into your special day, for some, the most important day of their life’s. We also understand the importance of ensuring that this day is captured in a manner befitting these investments. Aesthetics and lighting are critical in ensuring the moments you capture represent the essence of the day, and provide you with the joyous memories to last a lifetime.

At Special Occasions WA we pride ourselves on quality and perfection, and refuse to compromise simply on cost. As such when you are comparing suppliers and quotes please remember, cost is always relative to quality, and Rolls Royce have yet to discount their cars…